EdReports is a nonprofit that reviews K-12 instructional materials to help educators find the best fit for their school districts. We’re thrilled to have partnered with them on a series of animated videos that tell the stories of the educators who use EdReports. Check out the videos below, and learn more at EdReports.org

Democratic Association for Secretaries of State

New video for Democratic Association of Secretaries of State and SCRB Strategies. Get involved and help make a difference in the 2020 elections at DemosOfState.org!

Amaze.org: Teen Angst

Our latest collaboration with writer/producer Erica Priggen Wright and Amaze.org is about the topic of “Teen Angst”. Amaze.org produces animated videos that give young adults tools to have discussions on sex education. Check it out below!

Newsom for California: State Budget

Our latest for California governor, Gavin Newsom, looks at how California’s 2019-20 Budget takes a stand against the Trump administration, and positions California to lead the way on the big issues of today.

The Story of Water: Who Controls the Way We Drink?

The latest from RDC and The Story of Stuff Project takes on the issue of water privatization. As federal funding to support public water infrastructure drops, many cities find themselves turning to corporations that make big promises they don’t intend to keep. Check out the video below to learn about all the innovative steps being taken across the country to make sure that water stays a public resource and find out how to get involved here!

How Aladdin Should Have Ended

The latest from the RDC crew and HISHE is up on YouTube now, just in time for the live-action Aladdin remake. Check it out below and prepare to marvel at the incredible Genie voice work from Jamie Costa!

California Governor Gavin Newsom: Roe v. Wade is on the Line

We’ve refreshed the animated style for our long-time client, and newly elected Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. Watch the latest below, and get involved in this important issue.

Rekoop + FabFit

We collaborated with Magic Mushroom in India to create a series of videos for GHCL’s Rekoop and FabFit brands. Rekoop’s line of bedding uses innovative technology to ensure that the recycled polyester fibers in their sheets are truly recycled. And FabFit bedding works to decrease clutter and the need for multiple bed sheets by stretching to fit multiple mattress sizes. Learn more in the videos below!

Teacher2Teacher: It's Winter Break!

We’re proud to help support our teachers out there, who are taking a well-earned winter break. Check out this video we created for the Gates Foundation nonprofit, Teacher2Teacher and Anne Lewis Strategies. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Newsom for California: Get Out the Vote!

This is it! Three years and fifteen animated collaborations with Team Newsom have all been leading up to this - ELECTION DAY. Californians - make sure you get out and vote!