How Aladdin Should Have Ended

The latest from the RDC crew and HISHE is up on YouTube now, just in time for the live-action Aladdin remake. Check it out below and prepare to marvel at the incredible Genie voice work from Jamie Costa!

California Governor Gavin Newsom: Roe v. Wade is on the Line

We’ve refreshed the animated style for our long-time client, and newly elected Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. Watch the latest below, and get involved in this important issue.

Rekoop + FabFit

We collaborated with Magic Mushroom in India to create a series of videos for GHCL’s Rekoop and FabFit brands. Rekoop’s line of bedding uses innovative technology to ensure that the recycled polyester fibers in their sheets are truly recycled. And FabFit bedding works to decrease clutter and the need for multiple bed sheets by stretching to fit multiple mattress sizes. Learn more in the videos below!

Teacher2Teacher: It's Winter Break!

We’re proud to help support our teachers out there, who are taking a well-earned winter break. Check out this video we created for the Gates Foundation nonprofit, Teacher2Teacher and Anne Lewis Strategies. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Newsom for California: Get Out the Vote!

This is it! Three years and fifteen animated collaborations with Team Newsom have all been leading up to this - ELECTION DAY. Californians - make sure you get out and vote!

Linux Foundation: LF Energy / Let's Coordinate

We had the opportunity to collaborate with the Linux Foundation on a couple related projects! LF Energy is a new project from the Linux Foundation that uses open source shared technology to help revolutionize the energy and power sectors. Check out this teaser we created to help promote LF Energy:

Let's Coordinate is a platform from LF Energy that helps the organizations that run European energy grids better coordinate and record their efforts. You can learn more about the platform in the video below:

California Health Care Foundation

This year, we've had the opportunity to support the work that the California Health Care Foundation is doing to improve the way health care is delivered to Californians, particularly underserved and low income communities. Check out a few of the online videos we've created for them below on topics ranging from health care coverage to C-Sections:

Producers Token

Producers Token is a new cryptocurrency that provides a way for farmers to scale the supply chain and get their fair share of profits. Check out this video we created in collaboration with co-director, Louis Fox (Story of Stuff) to learn more. Sexting

We teamed up with Creative Executive Producer, Erica Priggen Wright, again to create this animated video on the dangers of teenage texting. is an organization that teaches young people about sex ed through animated video. Check it out below!

ACE: Our Climate Our Future

Almost ten years ago, I worked with ACE on their first live-presentation that educates high schoolers on climate science. Since then, that presentation - a mix of documentary style footage and animation - has engaged more than 2 million students in their climate education and youth programs.

Over the past several months, we've been working together again to completely update the format for online use. The result is Our Climate Our Future: a 40-minute, award-winning climate resource that delivers climate science, impacts and solutions directly to the classroom.

I'm very proud to continue to support the work that ACE is doing. Check out this preview and view the whole program at